On   November   4,   in   1936,   Lydia   Emelie   Gruchy    became   the   first woman   minister   ordained   by   the   United   Church   of   Canada   and   the first ever woman ordained minister in Canada .   50   years   later,   St   Andrews   Theological   College   graduated   another female   minister,   Patricia   (Pat)   Wotton.   Next   to   her   ministry   duties, Pat's   fascination   with   her   first   predecessor   led   to   the   writing   of Lydia Gruchy's biography.   This website was established to popularize the resulting book,                               -  With Love, Lydia  -   in order to celebrate Lydia Gruchy's life, her accomplishments, and her memory. The   story   of   the   life   and   ministry   of   Lydia   Emelie   Gruchy   is   a   microcosm   of   the   larger   story played   out   in   world   history,   in   Canadian   culture,   in   the   church,   in   women's   lives,   and   in theology.   It   encompasses   the   wave   of   immigration   looking   for   a   new   world   and   a   future   for   the children;   the   terrible   sacrifice   and   cost   of   two   World   Wars   felt   first-hand;   the   daily   hardship   of the   Depression   Years   on   the   prairies;   the   pioneering   of   new   prairie   towns   -   their   hard   years and   their   heydays   -   sometimes   one   and   the   same.   Her   ministry   saw   the   birth   of   the   United Church,   and   spanned   the   one-room   school   house   to   United   Church   House   in   Toronto,   and variations   in   between.   It   began   with   a   horse   and   buggy,   moved   through   a   Model   A   Ford   (the envy   of   every   man   and   boy   in   Wakaw,   Saskatchewan   in   the   late   1920s)   to   a   sporty   bright   red Corvair.   Her   generation   coined   the   term   "the   Golden   Years",   perhaps   because   their   earlier decades   were   so   turbulent,   hard   and   anguished.   Reverend   Gruchy's   retirement   was   spent   in relative   peace   in   White   Rock,   B.C.   -   thirty   more   years   of   finding   ways   to   be   "useful".   The   story of   Reverend   Doctor   Lydia   Gruchy,   first   woman   ordained   in   Canada,   is   an   important   reflection of cultural and church change over the 20th century - a story that needs to be told.