READERS HAVE HAD THIS TO SAY ABOUT “WITH LOVE, LYDIA”: “Wotton has done a good job of providing the context for Gruchy’s struggle showing how social progress and many present Canadian values were incubated in the west.”                               Deborah de Bakker  Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal “What a brilliant piece of writing!  It is concise, easy to understand and leaves no doubt in the reader’s mind what she is saying.  It covers such a wide range of topics…also deals succinctly with United Church history – where it has been, where it is now and where it might be heading…I grew up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan – I experienced a number of things mentioned in the book….  It was like going home!”                                                            Gordon Sanguine, Winnipeg, Mb. “I’m sending a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your book about Lydia Gruchy.  I think you’ve performed a valuable service in portraying her life so vividly.”                                          Rev.  Peter Calhoun, Moose Jaw, Sk. “What a labour of love.”  Kay, Gibson’s, B.C. “Commendations on your excellent book!  I found it quite impressive.  I was amazed at the extent of your research.”                                 Rev. Dr. Bill Adamson, Saskatoon, Sk. “The richness of the historical support material for Lydia Gruchy’s life is extraordinary, and makes reading the book a very special literary treat!  This is a book which should be read by every citizen of Canada.  Its subject matter is both particular and universal at the same time, and the lucidity and economy of the prose style add enormously to the satisfaction of the reader. I’m… marveling at the depth, tone and quality of the narrative. What a splendid book this is…. a book to treasure for a lifetime!”                                                                                    Corey Keeble, Curator,  Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, On I have inhaled  ‘With Love, Lydia’, reading it every spare moment I had.  Some of the words that immediately come to mind :  expansive, prophetic, clear-visioned, honest, engaging, exhaustively- researched, passionate, heart-felt… To my mind – and to my reading of that final chapter – you have hit the nail squarely on the head.”  Rev.  Diane Robinson, Radford, Sk. -“’With Love, Lydia’ gives us a thoughtful and engaging glimpse into who we are as Canadians and as the United Church of Canada.  Wotton offers biblical and theological reflection on the struggles and blessings found in this story and this history.  By the end of the book we have learned not only something about a remarkable woman, but something about ourselves…”   Rev.  Jeff  Cook, Winnipeg, Mb. -“ It is fantastic.  You have woven bits and pieces of our history into the story in such an interesting way.  I didn’t want to lay it down.  Needless to say, yard and housework were neglected until I reached the end.” email from Jean -“You brought Lydia to life for me and oh my, what a remarkable woman! It was time we all heard her story.”                       Vicki Winter, Estevan, Sk. -“Pat’s skill set in communicating through the pulpit has been channeled in this biography of Lydia Gruchy in such a way that when you begin reading the book, you feel Lydia’s spirit calling out to you to travel with her, companion her, and experience in the depths of your being  a story that will enrich your sojourn – here and now.”                                                 Rev. Earl Gould, Winnipeg, Mb. -“’With Love, Lydia’ (is) a scholarly but eminently readable chronicle of Lydia Gruchy’s life and pathway to ministry…” Lorne Calvert,  President,St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon, Sk. -“History buffs will be drawn to the story…Nellie McClung, the voice of women’s rights on the prairies was among Lydia’s advocates… Many vibrant memories of Lydia came from Wotton’s interviews with people in Saskatchewan who knew the hardworking and compassionate minister.” Dianne Doney, Winnipeg, Mb. -“…your book is of great interest to us as historical context of our faith and that of our ancestors.  It is also a fascinating examination of the determination of a woman pioneer and her eventual success as an ordained minister on the Canadian Prairies.”                                                        Katharine Schulz,  Councillor, Manitoba Genealogical Society -“I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge that you have shared, not just about my great aunt, but history concerning my family, my province, my country.  Again, my appreciation for the book and even more so for the glimpse into my own past.” Kathleen Bute, Great-Niece of Lydia Gruchy