The Book: With Love, Lydia
The author  Patricia   Wotton   is   a   native   of   Thunder   Bay,   North-Western Ontario.   Following   after   Lydia   Gruchy,   she   is   a   graduate   of St.    Andrew's    Theological    College, Saskatoon     and     was     ordained     to ministry    in    The    United    Church    of Canada       in       1986,       the       50th Anniversary   of   the   ordination   of   the Reverend   Doctor   Lydia   Gruchy.   For a   quarter   of   a   century   she   has   ministered   with   congregations   in   Manitoba   and Saskatchewan. Rev.   Wotton   has   also   served   the   wider   church   in   many   capacities,   including   as   a President   of   Manitoba   &   North-   Western   Ontario   United   Church   Conference,   as a   Commissioner   to   General   Council,   a   Regent   of   St.   Andrew's   College,   and   a representative   of   the   United   Church   to   Alternate   Dispute   Hearings   for   survivors of    physical    and    sexual    abuse    at    United    Church    run    Residential    Schools    in Manitoba.   Retirement   has   (finally)   given   her   time   to   indulge   a   long-held   fascination   with   this   story   of Lydia   Gruchy.   Pat   and   her   husband,   Dave,   currently   live   in   Winnipeg   where   they   enjoy   being   close   to   their family. Researching the book The   book   was   more   than   10   years   in   the   making.   Because   of   the   demands   of   her   own   ministry,   Rev. Pat   Wotton   was   able      to   complete   her   research   and   writing   only   after   she   herself   retired   from   "active duty." On   the   trail   of   the   information,   she   has   visited   most   of   the   Canadian   places   connected   with   Lydia Gruchy,   delved   into   library   sources,   and   recorded   interviews   with   more   than   30   people   to   preserve   the living memory. She and her husband logged some 12,000 miles by car, air, and train in this pursuit. In   addition   to   research   on   the   social   history   background   of   Canada   during   Lydia's   lifetime,   the   work included   meetings   with   surviving   members   of   the   Gruchy   family;   visits   to   many   seniors   in   their   places of   residence   throughout   Saskatchewan;   and   research   at   libraries   of   St.   Andrews   College   Saskatoon, United   Church   of   Canada's   National   Archives   in   Toronto,   Bob   Stewart   Archives   of   The   United   Church Conference   of   British   Columbia   at   the   University   of   British   Columbia   in   Vancouver   B.C.,   as   well   as   at First United Church in White Rock, British Columbia where Lydia spent her retirement years.